Research Outputs (2008 - 2019)

Published Chapters, Papers and Articles (peer reviewed)

  1. The Service Shirt: ultra-slow fashion textile design research for industry (Earley 2019). Association of Fashion and Textile Courses (FTC) conference, University of Bolton, 23-24 January 2019. Forthcoming

  2. From Singular to Plural: Circular Business Models for Fashion, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (Pederson, Andersen & Earley 2018) Forthcoming

  3. Building Bridges: Design Researchers Making Podcasts to Support Internal Collaboration in an EU Horizon 2020 Scientific Programme (Earley 2019). Running with Scissors: EAD13, Dundee University, 10-12 April 2019.

  4. Divide, Switch, Blend: exploring two hats for industry entrepreneurship and academic practice-based textile design research (Hall & Earley 2019) Running with Scissors: EAD13, Dundee University, 10-12 April 2019.

  5. Applied DDMI: A White Paper on how Design-Driven Material Innovation Methodology was applied in the Trash-2-Cash Project (Tubito et al 2018). Project report for the Trash-2-Cash project.

  6. Practices, Places, Projects: Enrolling Stakeholders for Circular Fashion (Real, Earley & Goldsworthy 2018) Global Fashion Conference, UAL

  7. Circular Speeds: A Review of Fast & Slow Sustainable Design Approaches for Fashion & Textile Applications (Goldsworthy, Earley & Politowicz 2018) Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Taylor & Francis

  8. Whole Circles: A Leadership Model to Support Expanded Roles for Circular Textile Designers (Earley 2018) Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Taylor & Francis

  9. Face-ing Collaboration: A Meditation on the Faces of Circular Fashion Research (Earley & Hornbuckle 2018) Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Taylor & Francis

  10. Circular Textile Design: Old Myths and New models (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2018) Chapter in Designing for the Circular Economy by Martin Charter, Routledge

  11. Playing for Time: seven practice-led workshop tools for making design decisions to extend the life of fashion textile materials and products (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2017) PLATE 2017 Conference, TU Delft, 8-10 November 2017

  12. A Meditation on the Faces of Circular Fashion Research (Earley & Hornbuckle 2017) Intersections, Loughborough University, London (13 September)

  13. Postcards from the edge: Trash-2-Cash communication tools used to support inter-disciplinary work towards a design driven material innovation (DDMI) methodology (Earley & Hornbuckle 2017) IOP Conference Series: Materials, Science and Engineering, 254 212002

  14. Designing Fast & Slow. Exploring Fashion Textile Lifecycle Speeds with Industry Designers, (Earley 2017), The Design Journal, vol 20, Design for Next, pp.2645-S2656 (Sept)

  15. Circular Design Futures, (Earley 2017) The Design Journal, vol 20, issue 4, pp421-434 (June 2017)

  16. Whole Circles: Models for Academic Textile Design Research Leadership in the Circular Economy (Earley 2016) presented at Circular Transitions, UAL, London (23-24 Nov).

  17. The Textile Toolbox, Mistra Future Fashion design report (Earley et al, 2016)

  18. Elastic Lives (Earley, Harvey, Norris, 2016) for Cultures of Resilience, a UAL project with Ezio Manzini

  19. A New 'T' for Textiles (Earley et al, 2016), The Design Journal, vol 19: issue 2 EAD11 (June 2016)

  20. Designing for Fast and Slow Circular Fashion Systems (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2015) PLATE conference, NTU

  21. Elastic Learning Tools (Earley & Harvey, 2015) in Cultures of Resilience

  22. Holistic Fashion Design (Earley & Vuletich, 2015) in 'Fashion Design for the Curious: Why Study Fashion' (Vaidya, K)

  23. Design Thinking for Sustainability; A Case Study (Andersen & Earley, 2014), 20th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, June 18-20, 2014.

  24. Black Hack Chat, (Earley & Ballie, in von Busch et al), The Design Journal, vol 17, issue 3 (April 2014) pp379 - 401

  25. We Shape Our Tools, Then They Tools Shape Us, (Politowicz & Earley 2013), Cumulus, Newcastle, UK. pp176 - 179

  26. Textiles, Environment, Design, in ELIA's Handbook for Artistic Research Education, (2013). pp94 - 96

  27. Textiles, Environment, Design (TED): Making Theory into Textiles Through Sustainable Design Strategies, Pedagogy and Collaboration, (Earley, R., Goldsworthy, K & Vuletich, C., 2010), eds. In: Brink, R., Ullrich, M. eds. Future Textile Environments. Hamburg: HAW Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences

  28. The New Designers: Working Towards Our Eco Fashion Futures, (Earley, R., 2007), at Dressing Rooms: Current Perspectives on Fashion & Textiles conference, Oslo 14-16 May 2007, OUC Norway

Design Items in Exhibitions

  1. Service Shirt (Earley 2018) Disrupting Patterns exhibition, Mistra Future Fashion, London (23-25 November 2018); Futurescan 4, FTC Conference, University of Bolton (23-24 January 2019); Stockholm Fashion District (10-11 June 2019)

  2. Fashion Fascia (Earley 2018) Trash-2-Cash Project Prototypes, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Holland (20-28 October 2018)

  3. Silence Shirt (Long Sleeve) (Earley 2017) Intersections Conference (exhibition), Loughborough University, London (13-15 September 2017)

  4. Silence Shirt (Short Sleeve) (Earley 2017) Shirting Project, 09 London Series, Slovenian Biennale 2017, Mestna Galerija Ljubljana (17 Aug - 17 Sept 2017)

  5. Shavasana Shirt (Earley and Harvey, 2016) FOuR Millbank, 4th Annual Staff Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London

  6. Shanghai Shirt II (Earley & Spurgin, 2015) Textile Toolbox, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York (2015) and Making Circles, Circular Transitions Conference, London (2016)

  7. Shanghai Shirt (Earley & Dodd, 2014) in Green, at The Whitworth Museum and Gallery, Manchester (2015 - 2016)

  8. Redressing Activism Shirt (2014), in Textile Toolbox (London / Glasgow / Copenhagen / Stockholm / New York)

  9. Fractal Shirt (Earley, 2013) Textile Toolbox, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York (2015)

  10. Jabot Shirt, Trash Fashion…Designing Out Waste in the Fashion Industry, London: Science Museum (2010-11)

  11. Template Shirts, reTHINK!: Eco Textiles, Audax Textile Museum in Tilburg (2010-11)

  12. Ever & Again Shirt, Eco Fashion: Going Green, Museum at the Fashion Institute of technology, (MFIT) New York (2010)

  13. Ten Years of Top 100, Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution, Craftspace, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (2009-11)

  14. Twice Upcycled Shirts, Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things, 3-logy Triennial 2008, Price Tower Arts Centre, Oklahoma, USA (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2008-9) and TechnoThreads, The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin (2008)

  15. Heritage Lace Shirts, Evolution/Revolution: The Arts and Crafts in Contemporary Fashion and Textiles, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design (2008)

Exhibition Curation

  1. Trash-2-Cash: Lead Curator, Final Prototypes at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Holland (20-28 October 2018)

  2. Making Circles, co-curator for the Mistra Future Fashion conference exhibition, London, November (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2016)

  3. Textile Toolbox, co-curator for the MISTRA Future Fashion online exhibition, (Earley & Goldsworthy, 2014)

  4. Responsible Living: TED's The TEN Showcase, co-curator for the Futurewear Exhibition, VF Corp. (Earley & Politowicz, 2012)

  5. Jerwood Contemporary Makers. Chair of selection panel and co-curator with Tomoko Azumi and Andy Horn. The Jerwood Space, London and The Dovecote Studios, Edinburgh (2009)

  6. Ever & Again: Experimental Recycled Textiles (2007), curator of exhibition for AHRC funded research project, Worn Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles, London, UK

  7. Well Fashioned (2006) curator of Crafts Council Touring exhibition, London, toured to The City Gallery Leicester, The Design Centre Barnsley, Portsmouth Museums And Records Service and Bilston Craft Gallery, UK.

Event Organisation (Academic Research)

  • Social Circles, conference track (Chair). Running with Scissors, EAD13. Dundee University, 10-12 April 2019

  • Circular Transitions Conference. A Mistra Future Fashion Programme, London, 23-24 November 2016

  • Ever & Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles, AHRC Project Symposium. London, October 2007

Editorial Roles

  • The Design Journal, Taylor & Francis (2019 - ongoing) Editorial Committee Member

  • Circular Transitions: Textile design and the circular economy, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Special Issue, 6:1, 1-4, DOI: 10.1080/20511787.2018.1505362 (Goldsworthy & Earley, 2018)

  • Material Futures 01, TFRC, London (2012), commissioning editor

Film and Animation Work

Invited Conference, Public Event Presentations, popular writing, 2014 - 2019

  • Magic Circles, European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) Amsterdam (Keynote) (15 February 2019)

  • Trash-2-Cash, Heimtextil, Frankfurt (11 January 2019)

  • Circular Design Speeds, Smart Square, Premiere Vision, Paris, (11 September 2018)

  • The Power of Less, First Thought talks, Galway International Arts Festival (22 July 2017)

  • Keynote, Sustainable Innovation ‘Circular Economy’ Innovation & Design 21st International Conference, University for the Creative Arts Epsom, Surrey, UK (November 2016). Click here to watch the slide talk.

  • Presentation & workshops, US industry group, Summer Institute, FIT, New York, (June 2016)

  • Panelist, How to be a Coptimist Conference, Julie’s Bicycle, Kings College. Panelist. (May 2016)

  • Flourishing Fashion, for the Huffington Post (April 2016)

  • Keynote, NTU/SOAS, Prof Tim Cooper (April 2016)

  • Panelist, London Innovation Forum, panel, (April 2016)

  • Fashion Revolution, Skype presentation, Filippa K event, an industry breakfast (April 2016)

  • Keynote and Masterclass, Zero Waste Scotland (Earley & Goldsworthy, March 2016)

  • We Think Fast Fashion Should Become Faster, Hybrid Talks, Stockholm Fashion Week, Stockholm School of Economics (February 2016)

  • Swedish TV interview and podcast interview for Stand Out recorded at Global Change Awards (February 2016) (+ 23 minutes in)

  • Future Fashion Manifesto event speaker, Stockholm (September 2015)

  • Patternity launch event, panel (September 2015)

  • The Textile Toolbox: FIT, New York (June 2015)

  • The Textile Toolbox: Sustainable Textile Strategies for C21st Designers, at The Textile Institute: Beyond Trends in Sustainability, London (24 April 2015); and keynote speaker at The Forest on the Catwalk, SP Seminar at Boras School of Fashion and Textiles, Sweden (28 April 2015)

  • The Textile Toolbox, APDIG, House of Lords, (10th December 2014)

  • TED's The TEN, Zero Waste Scotland / Scottish Textiles Symposium, (20th November 2014)

  • Keynote. The 'i' in the Textile Toolbox Team. Transition: Textiles, University of Huddersfield, (26th-27th November 2014).

  • TED's The TEN, Redress Forum, Hong Kong (2014)

Invited Conference & Public Event Presentations, 2008 - 2013

  • SHARE 2, ELIA, London (2013)

  • Design Intelligence; Fashion, Parson’s New School, New York (2012)

  • Barriers and Limitations, Copenhagen Business School (2012)

  • Avancell Conference. Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden (2011)

  • Craft Rally Satellite, Crafts Council / Millenium Gallery, Sheffield (2010)

  • Design Thinking, Kunsthochschule Berlin‐Weissensee, Berlin (2010)

  • Ethical Fashion Show, LVMH, Paris (2010)

  • Upcycling Textiles, AHRC Japanese Sashiko Textiles symposium, York Museum and Art Gallery, York (2009)

  • Upcycling Fashion & Textiles: Technology, Ethics, Systems and Appropriateness, Materials and Design Exchange (MADE) ‘Textile and Clothing Sustainability’ Symposium, Institute of Mining and Materials & Royal Academy of Engineering, London (2008)

  • Current and Future Perspectives On Practice, Teaching and Learning Forum, Plymouth College of Art and Design (2008)

  • Textiles and the Environment: The Role and Responsibilities of the Textile Designers of the Future, Stroudwater International Textiles Festival, 21st Century Textiles Symposium (2008)